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The Broadway Class 

We're blessed to host neighbors supporting  creative arts learning and fun with youth and children. 
- The Broadway Class
  • Musical Theater classes - children/youth (age grouping)
  • Improv Troupe for youth age 10+
  • weekly afternoon sessions (in 13 week segments)
  • end of session: seasonal reviews (fall/winter and winter/spring)
  • reasonable cost - great outcomes! 
Thanks for Summer 2019 - (Summer program - July 2020 info here) 
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Great theater at way, way off-Broadway prices! 
D. K.
We love our after school group time with a waiting spot for parents.
Broadway Class participant

                     Parkside Players Community Theater
backed by Grace Church

 into our 4th decade
open auditions
award winning productions
                                     musicals, comedies, mysteries, farces, classics - we do them all!
ask us about Ray Romano (yup - on our stage! ...early days)
all ages welcome
The pUrpose of The Parkside Players is and has always been...

... to offer high quality and enriching theatre to our entire Community. It is precisely because of this commitment to bringing the joy of theatre - an essentially collaborative artform - to our community that we must condemn racist actions and inequality, both within the theatre and without. Reflecting on current protests precipitated chiefly by the violent and racially motivated killings of George Floyd, Breeona Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery we feel it is important to state that Black Lives Matter.

As a Company, we have reached out, and continue to do so, within our community to find actionable ideas to further our commitment to a just and equitable theatre experience for all our members and guests. This is an open and ongoing conversation between the Board and our membership, and we welcome input.

We are committed to but not limited to:

-Diverse casting regardless of race, gender identity, or physical disability, except in productions such as 'Once on This Island' where roles require adherence to accurate racial portrayals.

-Seeking out plays written by people of color, and other underrepresented groups.

-Reaching out to a broader community of actors via Backstage and Playbill posting of casting notices to ensure better representation.

-Being conscious that not all roles are created equal, and aiming to steer away from roles that reinforce outdated stereotypes. We regret past show choices that did not take this into account.

-Parkside apologizes to members of our community and those outside it that may have been unintentionally hurt by our past ignorance.

These points are based only on initial discussions within our community, and we stress that we are committed to ongoing discussion to ensure our deeds match our words. We understand that there is work we can do to help address issues of inequality in both our local and greater communities, and that theatre is an ideal way to help move towards an equitable future for both our members and audience.

Parkside is grateful to its entire community and membership. We cannot wait to see, to act, and be with you all again.

We look forward to being on stage in person when circumstances allow it - but not before! As CV-19 becomes a "memory" the "Players" look forward presenting a fun REVUE evening to celebrate! 
For NOW - We want you - our audience - to remain healthy. 
scenes [L-R above] "25APC Spelling Bee"/2018; "Boeing Boeing"/2018; "Spider's Web"/2017
All life is a play.  Some of it takes place on our stage. 
  • Why not audition? 
  • Help with scenery? 
  • Run the box office/concessions?
We're always looking for talent, even as we appreciate the 'players' already involved. Email us:
[at right] "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" 
- December 2018
Come -see a show!  Reservations:      718.353.7388
JAZZ Vespers @ Grace - has become a community draw since we began an experiment in this kind of communal connection in '18.

We're grateful for neighborhood musicians coordinated by Bill Gati, who lend their skills on a quarterly basis. Contact Bill with your interest to play.