About Us


· Sundays at 10:30AM, Holy Communion weekly

· 6 Wednesday evenings/mid-winter, Dinner Church

· Major Festival Days (published in advance)


· “The Parkside Players” community theater group

· Supporting Food Pantries: FH Interfaith Feeding Project (at QCH); Elmhurst Monthly Food Pantry; w/ Our Lady of Mercy

· Prayer Ministry/ Health Ministry

· Partners with the Metropolitan New York Synod—ELCA

· Home to AA; Greysheeters; Gentleway Masters Judo club

· Hands-on opportunities for all ages


· Children, Middle and High School Youth—

Children [ages 2+ to 9]: during Sunday worship (Sept - May)

        Following a children’s word a pair of approved adults lead young ones in a “Kids Own Worship” lesson returning to the assembly for prayers and Holy Communion with their families.

Youth [ages 10+]: monthly  (Sept - May)

· Adults

Lutheran Lounge Ladies—1st Mon/month

M&Ms Adult group—generally 2nd Sat/month

Seminars (various topics)—as announced Sun/series

· Families— First Communion study (by request)

· For ALL—6 Community Suppers (winter/spring)

AND: Baptism, Confirmation, Seekers & Explorers

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