Grace in action
We take the tagline "Gods Work. Our Hands." to heart!
We are people
people engaging everyday circles, our neighborhood and the world. 

We celebrate w
e’re forgiven, not perfect. Diversity is a gift. Acceptance is a baseline. Self-control is learned; respect for others too. Crafting safe space gets attention. We like to have fun. We share what we have because we can. In the process we discover the best life for ourselves. Gathering weekly for sacramental worship is a life-giving connection!

We acknowledge church has much to answer for.  With intention, we seek to be kind; neighbors, newcomers and local resource partners matter.  We use “safe sanctuary” practices for children, youth and adults, as do groups under our roof. We commit to open listening and reflection whenever people communicate honestly and directly with our community leaders. 

We believe God honors every human mess and can bring healing, (re)form and new life. “Through worship, service and education we practice our faith, grow our relationship with God and experience God’s grace in our lives.” (ELCA)
The Epiphany Project: 
Jan. - March 2019 we're all about asking: Why Jesus? 
What's your response? 
  •        "Because Jesus is... (fill in the blank)
What question(s) do you have? 
  •         we're not afraid of listening...
  •         together we're crafting safe environment to ask questions that want asking and need hearing
Come, discover together this winter [aka Epiphany Season]; become  involved in the good work of inquiring Why Jesus? 
Thanks for greeting us and helping us settle in.
- Michael 
Being part of the Neighborhood Thanksgiving Service is something I look forward to every year.
- Rhonda S.
Interfaith Links
  • we think keeping company with people of diverse belief systems is a strength
  • acknowledging differences, we unite to influence mercy and justice for our neighbors
  • we stand together in times that are challenging  
  • respectful dialog with our  neighbors helps us deepen understanding of our selves and remain open to the wider presence of all that's holy
  • and the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day - you are invited to join your neighbors to give thanks! This annual event location rotates - check local papers and social media in November 2019.
public leaders - 2018 "Forest Hills Community Thanksgiving Service" [at The Reform Temple of Forest Hills]
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