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Hi There!
Thank you for using some of your precious time to check in with this page. I hope you'll consider cruising our website further to explore this community. 
I hope to meet you too.
Until then, remember, you are loved.
As this community can be of help to you, or you to the work we engage, contact me! thanks. 
The Rev. Jeanne R. Warfield, pastor
We are people
people engaging everyday circles, our neighborhood and the world. 

We celebrate w
e’re forgiven, not perfect. Diversity is a gift. Acceptance is a baseline. Self-control is learned; respect for others too. Crafting safe space gets attention. We like to have fun. We share what we have because we can. In the process we discover the best life for ourselves. Gathering weekly for sacramental worship is a life-giving connection!
We acknowledge church has much to answer for.  With intention, we seek to be kind; neighbors, newcomers and local resource partners matter.  We use “safe sanctuary” practices for children, youth and adults, as do groups under our roof. We commit to open listening and reflection whenever people communicate honestly and directly with our community leaders. 

We believe God accompanies human messiness and can bring healing. (re)form. new life. “Through worship, service and education we practice our faith, grow our relationship with God and experience God’s grace in our lives.” (ELCA)